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Vanilla Sugar 10% Bourbon Spice Organic

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Our vanilla sugar is a blend of organic, locally grown beet sugar and 10% real organic Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar. The high proportion of fine organic vanilla makes it particularly intensive and productive.

The gourmet bourbon organic vanilla from Madagascar gives our sugar a rich, rounded and seductive aroma. It gives hot drinks (tea, coffee, chocolate) an intoxicating note and can also be used in sweet pastries, smoothies or muesli. Cultivation, harvesting and processing of gourmet vanilla is complex and it takes many years of experience to produce high-quality vanilla. The vanilla pods must be harvested at the right time and carefully ripened and fermented to protect their aromas. The cultivation of our beet sugar in southern Germany also strictly follows the organic guidelines in order to produce high-quality sugar.

Ingredients: organic sugar, organic bourbon vanilla (10%)

Content: 90g

Country of origin: Germany/Madagascar

Manufactured in: Germany

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