We are happy to answer your most frequently asked questions here! You can also contact us personally at any time (info@alpuris.com, Tel. 079 835 37 71).

- What does alpuris do?

With our small family company alpuris, we share our passion for the fascinating variety of honey aromas with other people and increase our appreciation for nature, bees and the work of beekeepers.

We have developed a unique concept for this, with which we offer the best products from Valais to Val Müstair in high-quality, beautiful packaging, individually, as complete gift sets and as a subscription.

- What distinguishes alpuris from other providers?

For us, selling honey isn't about maximizing profits, it's about passion. That's why we don't look for the cheapest products in order to then sell them at the highest possible price. We take small margins and make every effort to present even the smallest quantities of exceptionally good, carefully selected honeys (eg 8kg from a young beekeeper with two bee colonies). Our honey is always bottled and labeled separately for each bee location, never mixed with other honeys.

Very important for us: only if the entire production and sale is sustainable, i.e. if the producer receives a fair wage, if nature and the bees are treated with love, if the transport and packaging are ecological and if the customers Obtaining honey at a realistic price makes sense in what we do.

- What is alpuris doing in the area of ​​ecology?

alpuris does not use plastic in the packaging, uses recycling materials and also uses PVC-free lids where there are cheaper alternatives.

We transport our small quantities of honey as often as possible as "passengers", ie when trips take place anyway and, for example, a holiday guest in the mountains can take a beekeeper's honey with them on the journey home.

All material such as glasses, packaging and gift boxes etc. comes from these three countries: Switzerland, Austria and Germany. We don't buy cheap goods from overseas, even if that would be much more profitable.

- Why can't you find alpuris honey in the big retailers?

There are several reasons for this. For example, we are disturbed by the thought that our special honeys, selected with great care and love, are on some shelf next to irrelevant mass-produced goods, and nobody there has any idea what is actually being sold here. We also find the pricing policy of many large retailers terrible: How can it be that a product is suddenly 50% cheaper - was the price far too high before or does the producer have to forego his fair wages??? We simply lack the appreciation for the products and the producers - either a product has a fair price, then you can justify it, or something is wrong. In addition, our available quantities are too small to offer the products in bulk and everywhere - small is beautiful!