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Welcome to the kingdom of bees!

The new board game “Dance of the Bees” from the Swiss game developer Markus Lehmann from Basel deals with the topics: bees – pollination – biodiversity. The goal is, among other things, to collect nectar from the flowers of various plants (flowers, berries, fruits, vegetables) and to pollinate them at the same time. This can be used to fulfill menus, produce honey and royal jelly, etc.

The “Bees as pollinators” theme draws attention to the importance of bees for our diverse diet and biodiversity and creates awareness of this among children and families.

The game
You take over the management of a bee colony and try to use your workers sensibly
to ensure that the people have enough food. In addition, the bee colony should also grow and pollinate as many flowers as possible and store their nectar and pollen in the honeycombs. Because without the pollination work of bees there would hardly be any more berries, fruit, vegetables and the variety of flowers.

But there are also dangers lurking from voracious animals, so individual bees also have to be used as guards. To protect against bacteria and fungi, resin (propolis) can be collected from trees and stored.

Now a race against time begins, because a bee year goes by quickly and only those who can boast a large bee colony with enough stored honey will survive the upcoming winter!

 The fascinating world of bees can be experienced in a game.
 Beautiful illustrations and extensive game material.
 Simple rules and short moves.
 Different preferences, events and scoring conditions provide variety and
high replay appeal.
 Sustainable play material and environmentally friendly production from Germany.
 Great Christmas gift for nature lovers, beekeepers, bee lovers and board game fans.

Game description
Category: Family game
Number of players: 2-4
Age: 10+
Duration: 40-60 minutes

Game idea: Markus Lehmann
Illustrations: Rozenn Grosjean

Also important: Production is carried out according to the strictest ecological rules, climate-neutral, plastic-free and FSC-certified. For every game sold, 1m2 of bee-friendly meadow is sown.

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