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With alpuris, honey, tea, spices & co. become an exciting discovery and a pleasurable experience in which respect and appreciation for nature and people come first.

What is special about alpuris honey? We spare no effort to present you with exceptional and authentic honeys from small beekeepers - each individual bee location is bottled and labeled separately. This is the only way to get the real aroma of a landscape into the glass!

We have put together our range of teas and spices with the same care. Regional delicacies and trouvailles from Swiss manufacturers are the « & more » in our offer.

At alpuris you will find the finest honey specialties from Finland to Switzerland to Greece

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Honig-Neuheiten 2022

Honey novelties 2022

This year, nature once again gave the bees a large, varied splendor of flowers and the beekeepers the joy of a good harvest!

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