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Pure Prana No. 809 Tea Bags

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A cleansing caffeine-free organic herbal tea made from Ayurvedic herbs and spices

This authentic Ayurvedic spice tea blend made from cleansing lemongrass, fiery, immune-system-boosting ginger and invigorating peppermint cheer up our spirits and provide an extra portion of sunny life energy.

Ice tea variant:
Ice tea - the classic from the USA - usually means a hot brewed tea that is served on ice cubes and is thus pleasantly cooled.

Flavor notes: citrus, ginger, grass, fresh mint

Package/Contents: 15 tea bags 38g

Ingredients/Origin: Lemongrass*, ginger*, liquorice root*, citrus peel*, peppermint*, pepper*

*from controlled organic cultivation

Preparation: Amount of tea: 2 teaspoons / 250ml, temperature: 80°C, steeping time: 1st infusion 3 minutes, 2nd infusion 3 minutes.

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