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Our cloves are hand-picked by small farmers in Zanzibar and gently dried. They are indispensable for compotes, punch, mulled wine, Christmas tea and gingerbread. With their unmistakable aroma, they also characterize game dishes, lamb, fish and dishes with smoked or cured meat as well as cabbage dishes and rice.

Cloves have a very intense taste and stimulate digestion and appetite. The whole cloves are often used to flavor marinades, sauces, sausages and meat and fish dishes. In curries and pastries, on the other hand, it is used in ground form. Since cloves are grown in many different places, there are huge differences in quality. Therefore, the following test is recommended: high-quality buds sink to the bottom in the water, inferior buds float to the top.

Ingredients: organic cloves

Content: 23g

Country of origin: Zanzibar

Manufactured in: Germany

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