New in the range for 2022: BioSuisse blossom honey Valle Verzasca

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A light, very aromatic blossom honey with crisp chestnut notes from Mergoscia!

From the same bee location as last year's Verzasca Valley honey, but this time with an organic certificate and from the beekeeper Wendelin Kappeler. The aroma has also changed slightly compared to last year, as is practically always the case with natural honeys. The exciting, unadulterated expression of the landscape high above Mergoscia with its southern, original vegetation has remained.

Origin: Mergoscia, Verzasca Valley, Ticino, Switzerland.

Aromas: Concentrated and diverse flower aromas from Ticino, plus noticeable chestnut notes and a fascinating taste profile between strong sweetness and slightly tart components.

Certificates, awards: BioSuisse.

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