Honey from Gion Grischott, Graubünden

It's finally here, the new honey 2021 from Demeter and BioSuisse beekeeper Gion Grischott! After the spring honey Pignia was completely canceled due to the bad weather, we are now happy to be able to offer at least a very small number of jars of the varieties "Summer Honey Andeer", "Alpine Rose Honey Alp Niemet" and "Alpine Blossom Honey Avers". The rest of the honey stayed with the bees, and that's a good thing.

A note on the current situation in 2021 - this year there was the worst honey harvest in decades in some regions of Switzerland, many beekeepers were not able to harvest a single gram of honey. Due to our large network of top Swiss beekeepers, however, we were able to compensate for most of the shortfalls with new varieties, and overall we even offer more types of honey than in the record year 2020!

For the region where Gion Grischott keeps his bees, it looks like this: Due to the cold and wet weather, the 2021 harvest unfortunately only brought 20% of the usual yields, but 120% of the workload . We are therefore extremely happy that we can offer this honey at all - an incomparable pleasure that is even more valuable this year than in normal years!