Dramatic Swiss honey harvest 2021

Many Swiss beekeepers are desperate because the cold and wet weather of the last few months has destroyed any chance of a honey harvest. In contrast to last year, when the bees found perfect conditions for honey production, this year they are suffering extremely from the bad weather.

The situation varies from region to region, but overall it is very problematic. In this difficult situation, many alpuris beekeepers would rather let the bees have the honey than harvest anything.

Thanks to our Switzerland-wide network, however, we are once again in the fortunate position of being able to offer our customers the largest range of excellent Swiss beekeeping honeys. Among them you will also find some exciting new products, such as organic forest honey from Niederbipp in Bern, honey from the canton of Aargau for the first time and also for the first time a legendary spring honey from the Splügen Pass! (all available from the beginning of August).

In the regions where the weather permitted, we were able to procure a sufficiently large and high-quality quantity of honey that the bees do not need for their own sustenance. So everyone is taken care of...

Now we wish all honey lovers: inside an enjoyable rest of the year,

With kind regards

Elizabeth Mildner

Managing Director of Alpuris