Greek gold

At alpuris you will not only find the largest, but - and this is much more important to us - the most exciting range of Greek honey specialties from small, fine quality beekeepers. By exciting we mean, for example, extraordinary taste experiences such as the fennel and anise blossom honey from the island of Euboea, the vanilla fir honey from the Peloponnese or the sage honey from Kipari.

These honeys are only available in very small quantities and the effort involved in obtaining them is inversely proportional to the profit... but of course that doesn't stop us from presenting these delicacies to you, on the contrary: because everyone else is either afraid of the effort or not even knowing that such honeys exist at all, this motivates us all the more.

And we are very happy that the fan community for these honey specialties is growing! It's not easy to convince us Swiss of foreign products. In addition, at alpuris we already offer a wonderful range of Swiss Alpine and regional honey. But when it comes to enjoyment and the first impressions were convincing, then our customers are ordering these sweet temptations more and more often...

What distinguishes our honeys from the mass-produced and industrial goods that you unfortunately find all too often in other places:

- our honeys are not micro-filtered, i.e. all the ingredients are still in the honey (the micro-filtration serves, among other things, to keep the visual appearance of the honey liquid over as long as possible)

- our honeys are not heated ( UHT honey, as the valuable ingredients are destroyed when heated)

- our honeys come from beekeepers who are known by name, who were personally recommended to us by Greek beekeeper friends and who are known for their excellent quality and serious working methods

PS: The honey travel experience box "Greek Islands" is now available!