The most important types of honey at a glance

Centrifugal honey

It is obtained by centrifuging the previously uncapped honeycombs in a honey extractor using centrifugal force. Extracted honey has been the most common type of honey since the beginning of the 20th century.

Comb honey

Similar to comb honey, but the honeycomb structure may contain so-called middle walls, pressed wax plates given to the hive by the beekeeper as a «building template».

Cream, drip, pressed or pounded honey

These species were widespread until the advent of the honey extractor, today they hardly exist. The honey is extracted from the combs by draining or squeezing.

Cream honey

The centrifuged honey is later processed mechanically, for example by stirring, so that the sugar crystals are ground off and reduced in size. This keeps the honey spreadable and creamy for a long time.

Cold centrifuged, premium and noble honey

Caution: These terms are often misleadingly used to give "ordinary" honey the appearance of a special quality. Centrifuging hasn't been heated for ages, good honey is always noble and with many honeys "premium" is only the price, not the quality.