The honey year 2023 at a glance

Dear honey lovers,

The time has come - the first new honeys have already been bottled by our beekeepers and are available, with many more to follow in the next few weeks.

However, there are big differences between the individual Swiss regions, especially when it comes to spring honey. In some places, especially in the "flatter" regions, there was no spring honey at all this year, while the mountain regions in particular were happier. For example, we can present you for the first time a golden yellow spring honey from Schamserberg in the Graubünden Beverin Nature Park (see photo by Simon Egger).

The situation was even more difficult than with spring honey with forest honey, of which there is no or only an extremely small harvest in most places this year.

Another special feature of this honey year is the great influence of the sycamore maple, which has left a formative impression in practically all regions.

Fortunately, the summer and year-round harvest of mountain blossom honey in the Alps was above average. The variety and quality of the Swiss Alpine honeys, which we will soon be presenting to you with the new harvest, fill us with joy. This year we can offer a total of seven (!) honeys from Gion Grischott from very different locations in the Viamala region, and each of these honeys has its own, unmistakable character.

So what was initially a very difficult year, with a spring that was too wet and too cold, ends in a forgiving way - and if things go well, there will be heather honey for the first time in many years... but that's up to nature to decide!

Best regards

Mildner family