Honey from Sardinia - for explorers and connoisseurs!

Healthy, natural eating is an important part of Sardinian culture, and honey is an essential part of it. No wonder the island is one of the five "Blue Zones" in the world, i.e. one of the places where life expectancy is highest.

For many years we have searched for honey producers on this fascinating island that meet our high standards. Now we have found it: The beekeeping collective Asphodel, which consists of very experienced and highly motivated beekeepers from various communities on the island, shares our philosophy of natural, non-industrial honey production that is focused on the highest quality.

Our collaboration with Asphodel starts, of course, with the world-famous Corbezzolo honey, and we also offer other wonderful, typically Sardinian varieties such as thistle blossom honey, eucalyptus honey and macchia honey. And that's not all, because Sardinia's wealth of honey is unique - new, exciting varieties will follow soon!

Let yourself be enchanted by the unique variety of aromas of Sardinian honeys!