Fir forest honey Ioannina/Greece

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A honey from the lonely mountain forests in the Epirus region. Like all Kirakos Viros honeys, this honey is also an extremely carefully manufactured product, which the beekeeper produces in harmony with the harsh nature of his homeland and his beloved bee colonies. The comparison with the alpuris pine forest honeys from Switzerland and Austria is a real experience. The harvest time for this honey is from May to mid-June, and the bee colonies live at 1300m above sea level. in the middle of the mountains, surrounded by forests with old fir trees.

Origin: Epirus, Greece.

Flavors: Here is the Great Taste Jury's comment on this honey: "Lovely clear honey with a soft amber color and a light. woody aroma. Smooth textured, rich and creamy, with a pleasing resinous quality. It has medium viscosity and a light caramel texture. The flavor is well balanced with a gentle honey sweetness and good level of acidity."

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