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Thai organic spice preparation by Pascal Hag.

Thai curries have been one of Pascal Haag's favorite dishes since his first trip to Thailand. Traditionally, Thai curries are made with pastes. But especially in our latitudes it is often very difficult to get fresh and organic ingredients to make a paste yourself.

If you read the lists of ingredients for ready-made pastes, you will quickly notice that several preservatives are often listed and most of them also contain shrimp paste or fish sauce. That's why Pascal accepted the challenge of SoulSpice to develop a spice mixture as a good alternative to the traditional Thai paste.

Pascal spent a long time working on this spice mixture in order to achieve the wonderfully fragrant, authentic taste of Thai cuisine. We think he did a wonderful job.

Composition: Organic: coriander seed, coconut blossom sugar, onions, coriander leaves, lemongrass, paprika, cumin, galangal, garlic, chili. EU/non-EU agriculture. Öko-DE-003

Content: 55g

Manufactured in: Germany

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