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Cinnamon Ceylon Ground Spice Organic

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Freshly ground in Germany, it has a delicious cinnamon aroma.
In contrast to the cheaper cassia cinnamon, our Ceylon cinnamon does not contain any
harmful coumarin.

Our cinnamon tastes aromatic, sweet, pleasant, warm and less fiery than the Cassia cinnamon types. It is therefore suitable for rounding off drinks, desserts but also meat and vegetable dishes and mixes well with vanilla and cloves, but also with coriander and nutmeg.

The bark strips of the cinnamon plant curl up as they dry and transform into “cinnamon sticks”. The thinner the bark, the finer the aroma of the stick.

Ceylon cinnamon has been considered an extremely valuable spice for thousands of years, and the cinnamon producers on the Ceylon Island (Sri Lanka) have been plundered for this spice for centuries. Ceylon cinnamon is called “Caneel” or “Ceylon cinnamon”. The food industry primarily uses Chinese cinnamon, which is obtained from the cinnamon cassia (Cinnamomum cassia).

Ingredients: Organic cinnamon

Contents: 20g

Country of origin: Zanzibar

Made in Germany

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