Soul Spice

Jungle pepper black, whole, organic spice

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This unique highland pepper has a particularly noble aroma and a very fine, complex taste. Black pepper is hotter than green and more aromatic and piquant, but milder than white pepper.

All types of pepper are obtained from the same plant and their taste differs only due to the degree of ripeness and the way in which they are processed. For black pepper, the green pepper fruits are harvested shortly before they ripen and stored in heaps for a few days. They turn black as a result of the fermentation processes and shrink while drying in the sun. The harvest quantities are rather modest, but the aroma of this pepper is incredibly intense. Only the indigenous, endangered and extremely aromatic types of pepper from those farmers who have been cultivating traditional spices in tribal communities for generations are used.

Ingredients: Organic Black Pepper

Content: 55g

Manufactured in: Germany

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