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Jungle pepper green, whole, organic spice

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The green jungle pepper has an exceptionally high content of essential oils and a noble aroma. Because of the early harvest, the green pepper has a mild spiciness and is softer and less spicy than black pepper.

Rapid drying stops the fermentation process and preserves the green color of the grains. Green pepper can be used to flavor almost any dish and goes well with many spices. It combines a slight spiciness with a fruity aroma that neither black nor white pepper has in such richness. The farmers, who live in tribal communities and have practiced traditional spice cultivation for generations, only use their aromatic, traditional pepper varieties, which are threatened with extinction. The harvest quantities are not large, but the aroma of the green pepper is incredibly intense. The grains are filled into barrels in their natural state and shipped to Germany without intermediaries.

Ingredients: Organic Green Pepper
Content: 40g

Manufactured in: Germany

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