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Harissa Spice Organic

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Hot spice mixture from North Africa based on a Moroccan recipe.

A traditional harissa should actually be so spicy it brings tears to your eyes! But don't worry: Our Harissa isn't quite as spicy. This spice mixture from the Maghreb consists mainly of chilies, cayenne pepper, paprika, parsley, cumin, coriander and garlic.

Visually you will hardly be able to distinguish harissa from tomato paste. The difference becomes apparent on the tongue at the latest, because the spiciness takes some getting used to for the European palate, but harissa strengthens our sense of taste, and we perceive almost all foods more intensively. Makes a great dip with olive oil.

Ingredients: Pepper*, chili*, coriander*, garlic*, pepper*, cumin*, parsley*, sugar*, lemon powder*, salt. (*)Organic

Content: 55g

Manufactured in: Germany

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