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Sweet Kashmir Mango Curry Spice Organic

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Our very special curry: fruity and exotic with fine organic mango.

This fruity curry mix is ​​made from 14 different spices and fine organic mango. In its mildness, this blend, which contains little provocative chili, allows for an olfactory meditation, so to speak.

Our mango curry contains ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, mace and of course the finest mango, which leads to a subtle sweetness and creates a pleasantly rounded overall sound. It can be used like any typical curry powder. It is ideal with vegetables, poultry and fish.

Ingredients: Organic: Mango, coconut sugar, cumin, turmeric, cardamom, ginger, onion, black cumin, fenugreek, paprika, cinnamon, pepper, coriander seed, galangal, mace

Content: 55g

Manufactured in: Germany

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