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Green Umami Spice Organic

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Taste miracle from Pascal Haag!

Green Umami is a unique blend that appeals to our fifth sense of taste, umami. Umami originally comes from Japanese cuisine and enhances our taste perception. In the food industry, the umami taste is achieved with harmful glutamates, especially in broths and flavor enhancers. We use Schabzigerklee clover and hemp for Green Umami - and surprise our senses with it!

The hemp seeds produce a strong flavor that is rounded off with aromatic herbs and nutmeg. Green Umami will work wonders on your vegetables, eg on potatoes with cream cheese or in quark sauces to accompany your vegetables.

Ingredients: hemp seeds*, chives*, parsley*, onion*, salt, paprika*, coconut blossom sugar*, Schabzigerklee*, pepper*, caraway*, nutmeg* (*) organic

Content: 45g

Manufactured in: Germany

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