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Organic saffron threads in Negin quality from Iran. Negin denotes the
highest quality level for saffron.

The saffron is a crocus species that is at home in the Orient and blooms beautifully purple in autumn. The spice, also known as saffron, is extracted from the stigmas of their flowers (the "styles").

Saffron has always been a noble spice that is traded at high prices. But there are many differences in quality here. However, we are only satisfied when it really is the best of the best: so we only import Negin saffron threads of the very finest quality. Negin represents the highest quality in saffron and Negin saffron from Iran is traded as some of the best in the world. Our saffron comes from the Iranian province of Khorasan. We cooperate with a producer group that works to improve the income of the rural population, especially women, because they are usually the ones who do the work in the fields.

Ingredients: organic saffron

Content: 1g

Country of origin: Iran

Manufactured in: Germany

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