Soul Spice

Oven vegetables spice organic 60g

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Organic spice preparation from Pascal Haag.

When we don't have time for an elaborate dinner, there are a number of recipes we can always rely on - one of which is oven-baked vegetables. This spice preparation gives the oven-baked vegetables special aromas and flavors without drifting too much into the Asian or Oriental. It's easy to prepare, meaning you can bring a filling, versatile and delicious dish to the table with just a few ingredients and little effort.

Composition: smoked salt, coconut blossom sugar*, rosemary*, paprika*, onions*, oregano*, garlic*, jungle pepper*, cayenne pepper*, coriander seeds*, allspice*. (*)Organic EU/non-EU agriculture. Öko-DE-003

Contents: 60g

Made in Germany

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