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Nutmeg Whole Spice Organic

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With its rich spectrum of aromas, nutmeg gives dishes, drinks and baked goods a warm, spicy, sweetish-bitter and fiery-peppery character and enhances the effect of the other spices.

From the nutmeg plant, the seed is used as nutmeg and the seed coat as mace. The nutmeg is picked by hand and must not fall to the ground to avoid being attacked by toxic mold. It is then peeled by hand to take away the fruit part. The fine seed coat that surrounds the core is also removed and dried separately as so-called "mace" or mace. Then the kernels are slowly dried in the sun until you hear a soft rattle when you shake them. Then the kernel is opened and the longed-for nut finally appears. Harvesting nutmeg is a complicated and laborious process. That is why nutmeg is also an expensive spice.

Ingredients: Organic Nutmeg

Contents: Whole nutmegs

Country of origin: Java

Manufactured in: Germany

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