Soul Spice

Jungle pepper ground / steak pepper, spice organic

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Pepper mixture for steaks created by the cult butchers Kumpel & Keule. They mixed a perfect composition from the various jungle peppers from SoulSpice. Our highland peppers have a particularly noble, fine and complex aroma due to their exceptionally high proportion of essential oils. This blend of black pepper, Tellicherry pepper and green pepper is an optimally balanced pepper blend for seasoning steaks.

All types of pepper are obtained from the same plant and only differ in taste due to the degree of ripeness and processing method. For black pepper, the green pepper fruits are harvested shortly before they ripen and stored in heaps for a few days. Due to the fermentation process triggered by storage, the fruits turn black and shrink during drying in the sun. In the case of green pepper, the fermentation process is prevented by rapid drying, thus preserving the green color of the grains.

Ingredients: Organic Black Pepper, Organic Tellicherry Pepper, Organic Green Pepper

Content: 50g

Manufactured in: Germany

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