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Organic Turmeric Spice

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The refined organic turmeric has a fine musky taste with a fine ginger and orange perfume. The bright yellow turmeric gives all dishes an incomparable touch with its particularly intense color and wonderfully spicy aroma.

Turmeric is a key component of Indian curries and goes well with various lentil, bean and vegetable dishes. When harvesting our organic turmeric, the rootstock of the plant is carefully lifted out and the small yellow-orange root fingers are broken off by hand, boiled, skinned and dried for over 15 days. This is the only way we can achieve this intense taste in bright yellow. Thanks to its pronounced anti-oxidative effect, turmeric is also valued as an important remedy in this country. It has anti-inflammatory, cleansing and even anti-cancer properties.

Ingredients: Organic Turmeric
Content: 35g

Country of origin: India

Manufactured in: Germany

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