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Ground cumin, spice organic

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Caraway has an unmistakable, intense, sweetish-fruity and slightly bitter taste. It is a little reminiscent of aniseed and fennel, with which it is related as an umbellifer and can be easily combined, for example in tea mixtures or as a bread spice.

Caraway is a classic spice for foods that are difficult to digest, such as e.g. B. cabbage and rich meat dishes. It works best in combination with fennel and aniseed, eg as a tea for babies or as part of breastfeeding teas, as caraway stimulates the formation of breast milk. When it comes to caraway, there are big differences in quality; A clear brown color and the pronounced semicircular shape of the seeds speak for good quality. It is advisable to store the caraway as a whole seed in a cool and dark place, as the aromatic substances evaporate relatively quickly.

Ingredients: organic cumin

Content: 30g

Country of origin: Germany

Manufactured in: Germany

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