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Cardamom ground, spice organic

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Its taste is characterized by sharp sweetness with a hint of eucalyptus. Cardamom can only be harvested by hand with great effort, which is why cardamom is still the most expensive spice in the world after vanilla and saffron.

For most people, cardamom belongs in the pre-Christmas period because it gives gingerbread and other pastries its exotic accent. But with its unmistakable and beguiling aroma, cardamom actually deserves a place in the kitchen all year round. Its aroma, which is as fine as it is piquant, goes well with desserts, but also gives salty dishes, such as sauerkraut, an amazing new touch. And the bigger and greener the fruit pods are, the better their quality.

Ingredients: organic cardamom

Content: 25g

Country of origin: India

Manufactured in: Germany

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