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Ras el hanout spice organic

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Arabic spice mix based on a Moroccan recipe.

With this mixture, your home becomes an oriental bazaar and a firework of intense aromas unfolds on the palate.

This spice mixture is found in almost every dish in Moroccan cuisine, but is preferred in meat dishes and couscous. Ras el hanout is also ideal with pumpkin soups and stews.

Ras el Hanout literally means "the boss of the shop" and means that the complicated mixture is always personally made by the boss of the spice shop. The composition of the spice differs regionally, but also from shop to shop.

Ingredients: coriander*, pepper*, ginger*, turmeric*, cumin*, paprika*, allspice*, cinnamon*, cardamom*, mace*, cloves*, anise*, fennel*, rose petals*, salt. (*)Organic

Content: 45g

Manufactured in: Germany

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