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Red Umami Spice Organic

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Red umami with porcini, shiitake, tomato and many other spices
versatile and goes particularly well with potatoes, meat and

A real spice grenade. Philipp Schmitz' Red Umami provides hearty taste explosions.

What the industry does with synthetics, we do with tomatoes, porcini mushrooms and shiitake.
The three dried components give this special spice mixture a unique umami taste, which is rounded off by the green jungle pepper (aroma of laurel and green paprika) and the sweet freshness of star anise.

Ingredients: tomato*, onion*, paprika*, salt, smoke, coriander seed*, porcini*, shiitake*, pepper*, thyme*, tarragon*, mustard seed*, mace*, star anise*, (*)organic

Content: 50g

Manufactured in: Germany

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