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White jungle pepper, whole, organic spice

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The special alternative to black pepper, more intense because it is peeled.

This unique highland pepper has a particularly noble aroma and a complex taste due to its high content of essential oils. It is hotter but less aromatic than black and green pepper.

White pepper is obtained from the green pepper fruits. After harvesting, they are soaked in water, freed from the green pulp and dried. What remains are the smaller, hard, white seeds of the pepper fruit. White pepper is therefore perfect when a dish needs to be given the necessary spiciness.
The farmers, who live in tribal communities and have practiced traditional spice cultivation for generations, only use their aromatic, traditional pepper varieties, which are otherwise threatened with extinction. The harvest quantities are not very large, but the aroma of this pepper is incredibly intense.

Ingredients: Organic white pepper

Content: 65g

Manufactured in: Germany

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