Soul Spice

Goulash spice organic, Hungarian hot

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Spice mix for hearty Hungarian-style goulash.

Smoky. Sharp. Rustic. This is what makes real Hungarian goulash. And what is in this spice mixture.

Anyone who has never been to Hungary can taste it now. Because with this creation, Philipp, our Head of Taste, was all about authenticity. Inspired by his frequent trips to the nearby inland, he tried to bring Hungary to life with this goulash spice.
The coarse-grained spice mixture lives from the intense but pleasantly hot taste of the Hungarian paprika and the smoky veil of the smoked salt, which slowly and sublimely glides over the tongue.
A spice that tastes of cape, campfire and wilderness.

Ingredients: paprika*, onion*, tomato*, pepper*, cumin*, garlic*, marjoram*, lemon*, shabby clover*, bay leaves*, (*) organic

Content: 55g

Manufactured in: Germany

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