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Jamaican jerk spice organic

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Fruity and spicy grill rub from Jamaica for chicken or pork.

Our Jamaican Jerk Grill-Rub transforms chicken and pork - but also vegetables, shrimp, fish or lamb - into an unforgettable Caribbean delicacy. Whether as a dry rub or wet rub, or as a marinade: a heavenly crust is guaranteed to develop over hot embers.

The contrast between spiciness and fruit, which is simultaneously harmonized and fueled by the light smoke aroma and the other flavors, is particularly impressive. Traditionally, small holes are pierced into the pieces of meat before marinating, so that the spice mixture can penetrate particularly deeply.

Ingredients: Mango*, smoked paprika*, ginger*, salt, onion*, cumin*, coconut blossom sugar*, allspice*, garlic*, chives*, cinnamon*, MUSTARD SEED*, thyme*, lemon*, mace*, cloves*, Chili*. (*)ORGANIC

Content: 50g

Manufactured in: Germany

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