Soul Spice

Chili salt spice organic

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Noble sea salt with chili, paprika and garlic.

The Soul Spice Chili Salt is a mixture of noble Atlantic Fleur de Sel and spicy-fruity Birdseye chilli flakes. It is rounded off with a pinch of ground garlic, which gives the salt a special depth and emphasizes the fruity notes in the chili.

Soul Spice's chilli salt is not only suitable for refining soups, sauces and stews, it also gives yoghurt dips, cream cheese or egg dishes a surprising character. The chili salt really revives earthy root vegetable dishes or pumpkin soups.

Ingredients: salt, hot paprika*, chili*, garlic*. *(Organic)

Content: 110g

Manufactured in: Germany

Kitchen tip: Mix the chili salt with a little olive oil and use it as a marinade or dip for the barbecue season, or mix it with butter to make a garlic-chili butter and spread it on flatbreads and baguettes.

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