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Chimichurri Spice Organic

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Not just barbecue fans, but almost everyone wants to mix this sauce: Chimichurri is a sauce classic from Argentine cuisine, which is mixed by hand with olive oil and vinegar. Chimichurri is a must, especially with the traditional Asado, the South American BBQ. But this sauce can be so much more than just a side dish...!

With full aroma power, chimichurri hits exactly this fine point where it doesn't steal the show from grilled beef, pork, fish and co., but supports their own taste with a lot of seasoning power.

Ingredients: Parsley*, tomato*, coriander*, chives*, salt, onion*, garlic*, pepper*, chili ancho*, lemon*, thyme*, bay leaf*. (*) Bio

Content: 35g

Manufactured in: Germany

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