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BBQ Tender Texas Spice Organic 80g

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Pulled Pork BBQ Seasoning.

Pulled pork, the BBQ specialty from the southern states, has become an integral part of street food festivals. With our Tender Texas Pulled Pork mix you can bring this taste experience home. The mixture of pepper, paprika, mustard powder, chili and garlic gives your burgers and other pieces of meat the typical taste of pulled pork BBQ.

This spice mixture is indispensable if you dare the unique adventure of turning a pork shoulder or neck into a juicy pulled pork at 100-110°C for twelve to fifteen hours. But Tender Texas can also be used to fantastically season cuts of meat that are only briefly grilled, such as neck steak and pork loin.

Ingredients: Atlantic sea salt, jungle pepper*, paprika*, mustard*, onion*, garlic*, chili*, fennel* (*) organic

Content: 80g

Manufactured in: Germany

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