New in the range for 2022: Alpine rose honey Madris/Avers/Graubünden, BioSuisse and Demeter

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A honey from the very top with equally high-quality aromas!

Unfortunately, the larger jars of this honey have already sold out (within three hours, sorry but we only had a small number of jars available). Nevertheless, you can still enjoy this honey, because it is part of our new honey set "A honey year in the Viamala" (there you will find a total of six different honeys from Gion Grischott in one cassette).

For this honey, Gion and his bees climbed a few more meters and made a curve in the Averstal... Gion definitely achieved his goal of creating an alpine rose honey with an even larger, more intense and more diverse wildflower component. The bees are happy, as are the beekeepers and we as the exclusive supplier - now we hope that you too can enjoy this wonderful new honey!

The story of honey: In the Swiss Alps there are some particularly flowery, privileged hillsides that are almost longingly waiting for innovative and passionate beekeepers and their bees. Unfortunately, the effort is too great for most beekeepers and they prefer to stay in the valley and always produce honey from the same location.

We have succeeded in inspiring Gion with this idea of ​​a particularly diverse, floral honey from the lonely heights of the mountains; Gion chose the perfect location for this himself, and the result is an extremely rare indulgence experience for people who know the difference between good and great.

Origin: Madris in the high valley of Avers, at around 1960m, Graubünden, Switzerland.

Aromas: A particularly rich bouquet of wild mountain blossoms on a delicately sweet base of alpine rose aromas.

Certificates, awards: BioSuisse Knospe and Demeter.

Gault Millau: Gion Grischott is a passionate beekeeper

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