Chestnut and linden honey Brione sM

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Right behind her house in Brione sopra Minusio the chestnut groves begin, where the bee colonies of the organic beekeeper Mareika Schäfer are. This honey is characterized by its mild chestnut aroma, enriched by numerous wild flowers from Ticino.

Note: Alpuris honey is an absolutely natural product that is not heated or modified in any way. Just as the weather changes every year, our honeys from the same region and from the same beekeepers can have a slightly different color and taste each year, depending on what the bees find as a source of nectar. This is pure nature.

With this honey, the 2020 vintage was darker, liquid and with a stronger chestnut flavor, the 2021 vintage (picture) was lighter, crystalline and with a stronger floral flavor, and the current 2022 vintage is again darker, naturally cristallized and with a gentle chestnut flavor - every honey is a wonderful, exciting honey pleasure experience!

Origin: Ticino, Switzerland.

Aromas: Pleasantly mild chestnut notes and Ticino flower aromas.

Certificates, awards: BioSuisse.


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