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The collection consists of 4 seasoning mixes created by Sebastian Copien and matching recipe cards.

  • Umami Finisher for seasoning and finishing after cooking "makes everything better"
  • Ocean umami for sea aroma. Perfect for conjuring up vegan graved salmon from peppers and carrots.
  • Smoky umami with a smoky bacon flavor. Perfect for seasoning fried vegetables & mushrooms.
  • Umami topping for an extra umami kick on bowls, salads and soups.

Sebastian Copien is a vegan professional chef, multiple bestselling cookbook author and founder of Europe's largest vegan online cooking school "Vegan Masterclass". With his UMAMI spice series, he focused on creating four spices that make it much easier to prepare strong and interesting dishes with plant-based products such as vegetables, mushrooms, tempeh and tofu in no time at all.

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