Gift box with Engadine sgraffito motif and 3 jars of Graubünden Alpine honey, 85g each

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Sgraffito - the ancient, mystical Engadin ornaments of the six-petalled rose adorn these new gift boxes! As always, the entire production takes place in a traditional family business in the Alps.

Perhaps you know the ornaments that are still attached to many houses in the Engadine today from your visits to Graubünden. We at alpuris are fascinated by it, and since we have a whole range of wonderful Graubünden honeys in our range, we had the idea: why not pack these Graubünden honeys in the right Graubünden gift boxes? thought, done. Of course you can also buy honey from any other canton or place in these boxes.

Each motif is applied individually and by hand as a fire print on the surface of the gift box, so each box is a handmade one-off, not a mass-produced item. Due to the extraordinarily high processing quality, the box can later be used in a variety of ways and for a long time.

The content of this gift box consists of three different types of Graubünden Alpine honey from alpuris, each in 85g jars.

PS: For larger quantities (special occasions, company gifts, etc.), we can also apply a different imprint (including color, if desired).

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