Oak forest honey Pindos/Greece

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With this honey from Kiriakos Viros you embark on a highly aromatic hike through the oak forests of the Pindos Mountains. It comes from the Valia Kalda National Park at an altitude of 900m above sea level. , is harvested from June to mid-July and goes very well with nuts or cheese and yoghurt.

Origin: Epirus, Greece.

Flavors: This honey even received two stars in the Great Taste competition 2020. Here the comment:

"A really rich and dark amber-coloured honey that positively glows with natural goodness. Definite sweet aromas of the bee and the hive, complex and enticing. Immediately mouth watering, melting on the tongue to release its layers of flavour. A muscovado sweetness, hints of orange and spice, licorice and darker tones of peat and wood, and a subtle smokey tingling bitter note on the finish rounds off this journey taste. Richly textured, chewy and boldly flavored honey that reveals the foraging environment."

Certificates, awards: BioMiel, Great Taste Award

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