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Dukkah Spice Organic

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Egyptian blend of cashew, almonds, sesame and spices traditionally eaten with bread and oil as a snack.

The ingredients were selected by Swiss veggie chef and author Pascal Haag ("From Leaf to Root").

This tasty mixture of herbs, spices and nuts plays a central role in oriental cuisine, but is now also increasingly found in Europe as a spice for fish, salad or hummus.

The combination of the various nuts and spices makes Dukkah a tasty and not too spicy spice mixture that is suitable for many different dishes. In classical Egyptian cuisine, dukkah is used in place of breadcrumbs, giving fish, meat and eggs a crunchy aspect when eaten, but also giving them an intense flavor. Dukkah also tastes fantastic when added to salad vinaigrette. Just fabulous!

Ingredients: Sesame*, sumac*, paprika*, cashew*, almonds*, cumin*, coriander*, pepper*, salt. (*)Organic

Content: 60g

Kitchen tip: Dukkah is most commonly eaten as a snack: first dip some bread in olive oil and then in the spice mixture.

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