The Culinary Heritage of the Alps - The Cookbook

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How do you use dried coltsfoot blossoms to create a delicately aromatic sauce for roast veal from Grauvieh? And like a Styrian potato salad with fried mountain potatoes of the "corne de gatte" variety. Where can you get the best legs of Toggenburg kid and which wild herbs go well with the tender meat of Sisteron lamb? With this recipe book for the bestseller of the same name, »The Culinary Heritage of the Alps« accompanies ten top chefs from the Alpine region on their journey from the traditional traditions to implementation in the new terroir cuisine of the Alpine region. The cookbook is supplemented by stories about the development of cooking traditions and a comprehensive list of the most important recipes and the most influential cookbooks in Alpine nutritional and culinary history. With recipes by Andreas Caminada, Michael Sicher, Bernhard Feichter, Jeremias Riezler, Freddy Christandl, Judith Baumann, Ulli Mair, Martin Real and others. Photos: Sylvan Mueller

Hard cover, 268 pages

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