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Fried potato spice organic 55g

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Smoked salt, spices and fine herbs give potatoes a spicy aroma.

As simple as it is ingeniously seasoned. This spice mixture has it all: ingredients that get the best out of every potato.

Our new fried potato seasoning is the ideal cooking partner for vegetarians, but also for everyone who wants a fulfilling taste experience when eating vegetables. The smoked paprika and smoked salt give this spice a hearty umami flavor.

Ingredients: salt*, paprika*, onions*, cumin*, coriander*, rosemary*, nutmeg*, thyme*, marjoram*, shabby clover*, oregano*, bay leaves*, mace*, (*) organic

Content: 55g

Kitchen tip: For the most delicious taste, we recommend using the «Linda» potato variety. This gives the fried potatoes a particularly lasting taste.

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