Flower honey Paspels/Grisons

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The new vintage has arrived - with a brighter color and special, vintage-specific aromas!

Behind the simple name “Blossom Honey Piping” lies a project that required three years of preparation and a bit of luck to get into the jar. We can see how highly Gion Grischott rates this honey in the full two minutes that our otherwise rather silent beekeeper took to tell us his enthusiasm about this first harvest. We are happy to have received a few glasses from him to sell online and to now share this treasure with our customers!

The story about honey: The idea for this honey came about more than four years ago. It was supposed to be the first buckwheat honey in Switzerland, and Gion chose a biodynamically maintained buckwheat field in Domleschg, where he placed some of his bees.

In the first two years there was no honey at all, the frustration was great. The solution was to change the buckwheat variety, and in 2022 there was now honey from this field and the surrounding area for the first time.

In the end it didn't turn out to be pure buckwheat honey, and we're actually happy about it, because the variety of other flowers besides buckwheat is so great that it turned out to be a very special honey.

Now we can offer “terroir honey” from this special location year after year, as long as nature allows. Depending on the flowering time of the plants and the preferences of the bees, the color and aromas of the honey also change, so that there is a new delicious discovery every year!

Origin: Municipality of Paspels, Graubünden, Switzerland.

Aromas: Diverse summer flowers, lime and fine buckwheat aromas.

Certificates, awards: BioSuisse Bud and Demeter.

Gault Millau: Gion Grischott is a passionate beekeeper

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