Flower honey from Domleschg/Grisons

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An aromatic Gion-Grischott flower honey with exciting notes of meadow flowers and linden blossoms from the community of Fürstenau im Domleschg. BioSuisse and Demeter certified.

With this new honey, alpuris completes the series of Gion Grischott honeys in 2023! As soon as the harvest season is over, we will be the only provider to present all eight Gion Grischott honey varieties (including two completely new varieties), which fills us with great joy and pride.

Since the start of alpuris in 2016, we have continuously and very successfully expanded our collaboration with Gion. The special quality of these honeys and the beekeeper's extremely bee- and nature-friendly practices are now known throughout Switzerland and far beyond. The fact that we offer you all of these treasures, which are only available in small quantities, at an extremely attractive and fair price makes the experience even sweeter - because shared joy is double joy!

Origin: Domleschg region, Graubünden, Switzerland.

Aromas: Diverse meadow blossoms and lime tree aromas.

Awards, certificates: BioSuisse and Demeter certified.

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