Arve room fragrance set

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Ideal for at home or in public spaces such as conference and seminar rooms, trade fairs, hotel rooms and restaurants. With this room fragrance, bad smells are neutralized and a pleasant, revitalizing room atmosphere is created. Pine oil from controlled organic wild collection is used for the room fragrance. Other oils from the Alps, combined with fine citrus scents, make the scent an unforgettable experience.
Worth knowing: Relaxation and regeneration: The calming effect of the scent of pine was already known to our ancestors. For example, sensitivity to the weather and nervousness could be alleviated. In 2003, a study by the Human Research Institute in Styria proved the positive effect of pine wood: you sleep better in a pine room. The heart rate drops, relaxation and regeneration are promoted. The essential oil is also ideal for cleaning the air in the room. It also has a toxic effect on pests (moths, bacteria, mold).
Content: 110ml. Alcohol, triethyl citrate, essential oils (20%) such as stone pine, balsam fir, angelica, grapefruit, lemongrass, etc. Contains alpha-pinene, beta-pinene, citral and limonene as natural ingredients.

Origin: Switzerland.

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