Natural hand sanitizer Swiss pine bergamot spray 75ml

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For hygienic hand disinfection against viruses (e.g. influenza, corona), bacteria, fungi and mycobacteria. Nourishes the skin with rose blossom water and natural glycerine and does not dry it out. For pleasantly scented hands, thanks to 100% pure essential oils. Biocide approval number CHZN 6560.

Application: Distribute 3-4 sprays on the hands and rub in well. Use enough amount to keep hands wet throughout exposure.

Effectiveness/reaction time in min.:

Bactericide (standard bacteria): 30 seconds
Fungicide (yeast): 30 seconds
Mycobactericide: 60 seconds;
Virucide (enveloped viruses, e.g. influenza viruses, coronavirus): 30 seconds


Ethanolum Vol 96 Vol%, Rosa Damascena Flowerwater*, Glycerin nat., Perfume (from natural essential oils*)
* Ingredients from certified organic agriculture (bio)
Contains D,L-alpha-pinene**, bergamot extract**.
Can cause allergic reactions.
** from natural essential oils.
Active substance: ethanol 75.04 g/100 g

Allergens: Contains Pinene* *natural component of essential oils

Made in Switzerland.

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