Soul Spice

Colorful jungle pepper, ground, organic spice 45g

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Exquisite mixture of three jungle peppers: Tellicherry, green and white pepper refined with pink Schinus berries from Madagascar .

Colorfully mixed and seasoned to the finest: An all-rounder for everything.

This colorful pepper can be mixed with anyone: its sense of harmony is no accident: Tellicherry pepper, white pepper, green pepper and pink pepper play together like a perfectly trained team. They always know exactly where the potential of each dish lies, how it behaves and when it can be pricked out. The nutty, warm Tellicherry pepper sets the flavor base, the beautifully sharp white pepper builds on it and finally allows green and pink to round off the dish in their elegant, fruity-floral way.

Ingredients: Organic Tellicherry Pepper, Organic White Pepper, Organic Green Pepper, Organic Pink Pepper (Schinus Berry)

Content: 45g

Manufactured in: Germany

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