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Deep Asana No. 806 Style Caddy

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An Ayurvedic caffeine-free organic spiced tea, energizing and balancing

Only pure premium organic spices are used in this traditional, yogi-inspired Ayurveda blend. A revitalizing and at the same time balancing infusion that helps to ground and reconcile the required body and busy mind in everyday life.

Flavor notes: cinnamon, ginger, clove

Package/Contents: Style Caddy can 100g for 50 cups

Ingredients/Origin: Ginger*, cinnamon*, carob pieces*, cloves*, pepper*, licorice root*. green cardamom*

*from controlled organic cultivation

Preparation: Amount of tea: 1.5 teaspoons / 250ml, temperature: 100°C, steeping time: 1st infusion 4 minutes, 2nd infusion 4 minutes.

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